Receivables finance with recourse

Are you a MID CAP or a Corporate?

You want to:

Optimise your financing capacity

Deal with cashflow gaps

Conserve your equity

Finance your working capital requirment via the sale of your client receivables

Financing with recourse of receivables without transfer of credit risk (i.e. financial defaulting of debtors) or via a policy signed with your credit insurer. 

Benefit from an optimised solution to finance your sales

Our corporate factoring solutions with recourse are made to measure taking into account your needs as well as the specifics of your activity.


  • Availability of funds within 2 business days*
  • Domestic and international receivables
  • You benefit from drawing rights enabling you to steer your cashflow

Various options


  • Your clients are not informed about the programme implemented (confidential)
  • You retain management of the sold receivables (recovery, reminders, accounting lettering) and  management of the trade relationship with your clients


  • Location of transferors in the EU or OECD
  • Expertise with mid-caps and corporate clients with pan-European multi-seller, multi-country, multi-currency programs, etc.

*Within 2 business days, on condition of a factoring current account in the black and a complete, up-to-date customer records file. 
Offer subject to conditions, and subject to eligibility. According to contract conditions.

Need to optimise management of your suppliers?

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For a factoring without recourse for deconsolidation