Recurrent factoring with invoice management left to client (confidential or notified)

Are you a company achieving annual B2B turnover above €5M?

You want to:

your financing capacity

with lags in cashflow

your equity

your working capital needs

your client budget

all this, while keeping daily management of your client budget and preserving your relationships with clients right up to payment of invoices?

Benefit from an optimised solution to finance your sales and protect you against the risks of unpaid invoices. This is confidential, that is, your clients are not notified.


  • Funds available within 2 business days*
  • French and international invoices
  • Release of funds according to your needs

Management by your departments

You retain management of your client budget

  • Independance in your commercial relationships.
  • Maintenance of your internal procedures in management of your client relationships.
  • Autonomy in the recovery of invoices factored to Societe Generale Factoring.

Credit insurance option

You can also have:

  • Up to 100% guarantee in the event of client insolvency. 
  • A service to monitor your clients to detect any deterioration in their financial condition.


Depending on study of your application, the programme will be notified or confidential.

ESG option

In order to meet the needs of companies wishing to develop more responsible growth models, we offer a category of products that meet ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria:

  • Environmental and Social Factoring
  • Positive impact Factoring
  • To find out more about the eligibility conditions, contact us!

*Within 2 business days, on condition of a factoring current account in the black and a complete, up-to-date customer records file. 
Offer subject to conditions, and subject to eligibility. According to contract conditions.

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