Supply Chain Finance

You are a MID CAP company or a Corporate and you want to:

Offer competitive financing solutions to your suppliers?

Improve your cashflow management and optimise payment times  without impacting your suppliers? 

Save time on management of your invoicing cycle?

Improve relationships with your suppliers?

Societe Generale Factoring can implement a tailored programme of financing and supplier invoice management. 

Advantages of a Supply Chain Finance programme:

Advantages for suppliers

  • Enjoy financing solutions at competitive rates
  • Access stable financing sources without impacting current bank credit lines
  • Take advantage of better follow-up of invoices and associated payments thanks to an innovative monitoring platform
  • Off balance sheet program : program subject to the approval of the company’s auditors authorized to judge the conformity of the programme against the accounting standards that apply

Advantages for order originators

  • Reduce processing costs following implementation of a centralised outsourced payment service
  • Optimise payment times according to supplier geographies  
  • Improve relationships with suppliers
  • Help support the future of suppliers (societal approach)



In order to support our clients with their ESG transition goals we have designed two new categories of ESG offers, which are applicable to our flagship products serving corporate clients in supply chain finance / reverse factoring.

Environmental and/or social financing

The first category of solutions proposed by Societe Generale Factoring aims to finance business activities with positive environmental or social impacts.

Eligible environmental projects must involve assets in a list of eligible categories2, such as  renewable energy, waste management, clean transportation, hydrogen and sustainable water and waste-water management.

Eligible social projects concern the financing of social or societal claims from, for example, social and solidarity-based companies and associations, education and training, or social housing. The sectors principally concerned include healthcare, in particular hospitals, health insurance, as well as organisations caring for adults and children with disabilities.

A sustainability-linked offer

The sustainability-linked (SL) solution is aimed at companies that have developed an ambitious CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy to improve the environmental and social impacts of their activities. It rewards the achievement of CSR objectives as defined by our clients.

This approach encourages the transition of companies and their suppliers to more sustainable growth models. It is particularly appropriate for Supply Chain Finance programmes of large corporates that have many suppliers, such as mass retailers or industrial manufacturers.

These offers are subject to conditions, and subject to eligibility.

Affacturage inversé par Orange & Societe Generale Factoring

Affacturage inversé par Orange & Societe Generale Factoring

Offer subject to conditions, and subject to eligibility. According to contract conditions.

regular export financing?

For recurrent factoring without client budget management (confidential or notified)