Recurrent factoring including invoice management by factor

Are you a company achieving B2B turnover above €1.5m?

Be supported in your development abroad

Reduce<br/>your working capital needs

your financing capacity

You want to:

your recovery actions reliable

your client risks

your administrative burden

Benefit from an optimised solution to finance your invoices in France and abroad, manage your client budget and protect you against the risks of unpaid invoices.


  • Funds available within 2 business days*
  • You can entrust all or part of your domestic turnover and/or all or part of your export turnover 
  • At your request, you have access to all or part of the funds, according to your cashflow needs


Societe Generale Factoring takes care of the main administrative procedures:

  • Payment management: collection, identification, and allocation on invoices, bank reconciliation, etc.
  • Payment reminders to your clients: you only intervene to solve questions raised by your clients and therefore preserve your privileged relationship with them.


With this solution you can have, if necessary, for all your domestic and export clients

  • A 100% guarantee in case of unpaid invoices
  • A service to monitor all your clients to detect any deterioration in their financial condition

ESG option

In order to meet the needs of companies wishing to develop more responsible growth models, we offer a category of products that meet ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria:

  • Environmental and Social Factoring 
  • Positive impact Factoring
  • To find out more about the eligibility conditions, contact us!

*Within 2 business days, on condition of a factoring current account in the black and a complete, up-to-date customer records file. 
Offer subject to conditions, and subject to eligibility. According to contract conditions.

For occasional

For recurrent factoring
without client budget management (confidential or notified)