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Factoring made for you

I enjoy access to a reserve of immediate funding by ceding my receivables to Societe Generale Factoring

I entrust my client invoices, reminders, recovery, collection, management and allocation of payments which are handled by Societe Generale Factoring

Peace of mind
I have the guarantee of being paid  100% in the event of legal default of my clients

In 2018, Societe Generale Factoring purchased 50 billion euros of invoices across all sectors

84 %
of our clients satisfiedand very satisfied
83 %
of our clients recommend us
82 %
intend to renew their contract


Satisfaction survey conducted by an independent firm (INIT) in October 2018

"We have only one concern, cash flow. That's why we use a factoring company, it's a big help."

Marc S., manager of an SME.