Purchase order financing

You are a company working B2B and you wish to:


Improve your cash flow



Reduce your working capital requirements

Until june 30th, 2021 you can benefit* from a financing solution for your purchase orders as part of your factoring contract


You can now include in your factoring contract the option to include the financing of orders upstream of invoicing. Main advantages :

  • cash advance upon receipt** of orders,
  • 45 days of cash earned on average compared to invoice factoring,
  • no impact on the usual payment terms granted to your customers

Government Press Release available here

Financement de commandes prolongé au 30 juin 2021

Financement de commandes prolongé au 30 juin 2021

*According to contract conditions and subject to the publication of the applicable regulatory texts. For more information, contact us.

**Within 2 business days, on condition of a factoring current account in the black and a complete, up-to-date customer records file. 

For occasional

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For recurrent factoring
without client budget management (confidential or notified)