Get paid with anticipation from your CIR or CICE credits



The Competitiveness Tax Credit (CICE **)
NB : End of the CICE offer for Medium Size Companies in 2018.

As part of its policy to improve the competitiveness of French companies, the Government set up in 2013 a system allowing you to benefit from a tax credit, the CICE, to reduce your expenses.

We offer a CICE financing solution adapted to your company, whatever its legal category. It allows you to benefit early from this tax credit in the form of an early cash advance.


You can request the financing of your CICE for the current calendar year, as soon as you have submitted your tax slip from the previous year to your Societe Generale account holder, by providing a certificate of estimate of the CICE for the current year established by your accountant (or auditor or approved management center).

You benefit from a cash advance that can range from 85% to 97% of the estimated tax credit (estimated amount depending on the legal category of your company).
A single obligation: trace the use of your tax credit in your annual accounts.

The research tax credit (CIR *)

The CIR financing offer enables companies (eligible for this tax system) to benefit from the research tax credit early (1 to 4 years in advance).

You give us your tax debt, we finance it:

– A 90% of the expenditure eligible for R & D CIR (after audit by our partner), declared to the tax authorities and recognized by it (CIR already generated) and up to 2 million.

– Up to 70% of the estimated amount of R & D expenses eligible for the CIR, (after audit by our partner), before their declaration and recognition by the tax authorities (CIR to be generated) and up to 1 million euros.


You benefit from the expertise of Societe Generale Factoring, which deals with the administrative procedures related to the transfer of your CIR or your CICE (notification of the transfer to the tax authorities, collection and settlement of the paiement once due …).



* The research tax credit (CIR) is a tax reduction calculated on the basis of R & D expenditure incurred by companies. It is deductible from corporation tax (IS) owed by companies for the year in which the expenses were incurred. It is therefore a tax assistance intended to support and encourage the research and development efforts of companies, whatever their sector of activity, or their size.

** CICE: the Employment Competitiveness Tax Credit (CICE) covers all the remuneration paid to your employees, which does not exceed 2.5 times the SMIC in a calendar year. Since 2014, the rate of the tax credit has been set at 6% of the payroll (within the limit set above). The tax credit is chargeable on the corporation tax.


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