Full factoring

Full Factoring is a form of short-term finance that allows companies to manage their cash flow more efficiently. It can be used by any type of company that works with corporate or professional clients, or with State and local authorities. The company transfers the ownership of its trade receivables to a factor, who offers, in return:

Financing for all or part of the value of the transferred receivables typically made available within 48 hours, without having to wait until the invoice due date bringing new sources of funding and support for growth.

– Optimise your financial management: cover any gaps in cash flow between the date of issue of the invoice  and payment by the customer

– Boost your funding and available cash, to finance your company’s working capital needs.



Management of trade receivables by specialized teams (reminders, amicable settlement, management of invoices before or during litigation, management of payments etc.).


– Improve the efficiency of your collection process

– Reduce payment times

– Limit administrative costs


A 100% guarantee of payment if the customer becomes temporarily or permanently insolvent:

– Evaluate your customer risk

– Secure your cash inflows

– Protect your profits


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