A flexible solution to finance your specific cash needs


On Demand invoice financing is for you if:

• You give your customers delayed deadlines to deal with their own cash flow issues.
• You need to finance peak activities due to a seasonal activity, new contracts won, the increase of your turnover, etc.

A quick and efficient simple service:

Invoice financing On demand allows you to cash the invoices of your customers well before they are due to be paid.

• You give us the invoices of your choice, that we fund. You don’t have to submit all the invoices of your debtor.
• We deal with reminders and cash receipts from your customers.
• Within 48 hours, Societe Generale factoring finances your receivables by transferring payments to your account.
• On the due date of your invoices, Societe Generale Factoring contacts your customers to get payment of the receivables you have assigned.


Your funding needs are evolving or growing? You want to secure more of your business.

We can make changes on your contract or offer you other factoring conditions.


To find out all the conditions, or for more information, contact us.


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