Experts at your service for tailored financing

Entrust us with your domestic or export invoices: as one of the factoring leaders, we develop tailored solutions, perfectly adapted to your financing needs. On an international or domestic basis, a team of experts examines each file and develops personalized recommendations.

Factoring with delegated management: This technique is adapted to companies generating a substantial turnover (5M€+) while having developed a perfect control of the management of their clients’system (billing systems, debt collection, accounting entries… ).
This solution can be confidential, undisclosed to your customers.

Factoring in delegated management allows you to:

• Access financing tailored to your needs to deal with cash variations
• Change nothing to the way you work
• Communicate 100% online with our teams

You can also choose to be protected against insolvency of the debtor, in France as well as abroad.

Societe Generale Factoring has the ability to advise on the set up of non-recourse programs with deconsolidation objectives within the main accounting norms (IFRS, US GAAP, French GAAP …) and on various geographies.

This type of program remains subject to the approval of the company’s auditors authorized to judge the conformity of the programme against the accounting standards that apply.


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