Corporate and social commitments



Dynamic and socially responsible, Societe Generale Factoring has a strong CSR policy which is aimed at:


Training young people

Work-based learning is a springboard to employment, and is compatible with a large number of roles. It allows young people to fund their studies while having access to professional training. At the end of the learning period, the young trainees may be taken on full-time, depending on Societe Generale Factoring ‘s requirements and growth profile.


Employment for disabled people

We pay special attention to recruiting, adapting roles and managing the careers of people with disabilities, to allow them to find their place within our organisation.

To achieve this, we have signed an enterprise agreement with our social partners, intended to encourage the hiring of people with disabilities.


Initiatives to support professional integration

As part of its commitment to the Plaine Commune and Seine-Saint-Denis areas, Societe Generale Factoring participates in the initiatives run by the “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents” (our neighbourhood has talents) Association, whose aim is to help young graduates find work. The task of the Societe Generale Factoring sponsors is to lead coaching schemes, set up career points and open the doors to their professional networks.

In tandem with these initiatives, Societe Generale Factoring is also involved in the local “100 chances – 100 emplois” (100 opportunities – 100 jobs) scheme, designed to facilitate the employment of young people from vulnerable areas.


Promotion of gender equality

Following the lead of the Société Générale Group, Societe Generale Factoring has embarked on a number of initiatives designed to eliminate inequality between the genders, and to restore the balance between men and women at all levels, particularly in management positions.

To facilitate the lives of staff with young children, Societe Generale Factoring was actively involved in the opening of one of the first inter-company nurseries in Seine-Saint-Denis, in 2006.





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