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– 321 employees 27 people were recruited on permanent contracts in 2016.

– 51% women

– 42 average age





Societe Generale Factoring believes that training is essential to the development of its employees and to its competitiveness and allocates almost 3% of its wage bill to this activity.

– 4 243 hours of training in 2016



Employing young people and seniors

An agreement on the “generation contract” provides for several measures designed to encourage the recruitment of “seniors” and help them to anticipate their career advancement: facilitating access to vocational training, supporting mobility, as well as end-of-service packages to aid the transition to retirement.

This agreement also aims to improve young people’s access to employment by initiating integration and training actions and passing on knowledge and skills to the younger generation.

As part of the recruitment of young people, Societe Generale Factoring has adopted an active policy in recent years to develop work-study placements and support young graduates in mapping out their career path and raising their awareness of the company’s challenges and responsibilities.


Promoting professional insertion and job retention for people with disabilities

We pay particular attention to the recruitment, work station adaptation and career management of people with disabilities so that they can fully play their role within the company.

Within this framework, Societe Generale Factoring has signed a company-wide agreement designed to promote insertion and support for people with disabilities through measures to encourage their recruitment and integration. The agreement sets out the specific rights of employees with a declared disability with regard to vacation, training, workstation adaptation, working hours and work organisation arrangements.

Lastly, Societe Generale Factoring draws on the protected work sector by assigning services and subcontracting activities to specialised companies employing people with disabilities.


Promoting gender equality

Societe Generale Factoring has a proactive policy when it comes to diversity. Within this framework, an agreement on gender equality at work was signed and provides for measures to promote gender equality with regard to access to employment and vocational training, career advancement (mobility, promotion, remuneration, etc.) and reconciling professional activity and family responsibilities.




In order to improve the balance between professional and private life, teleworking has been introduced at Societe Generale Factoring for 48 eligible functions as part of a company-wide agreement.

Societe Generale Factoring actively participated in the opening of one of the first inter-company day nurseries in Seine-Saint-Denis in 2006 in order to facilitate the day-to-day lives of employees with children, and now offers 7 cribs as well as one-off childcare solutions.


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