Gender equality index of Societe Generale Factoring



In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir Law of 5 September 2018 to eliminate the pay gap between women and men, companies with more than 250 employees must publish their gender equality index as from 1 September 2019 on their website.

Societe Generale Factoring publishes the level of its Gender Equality Index which reaches 83 points out of a maximum of 100 points. This good level is a reflection of Societe Generale Factoring’s active efforts for several years in terms of professional equality, notably through the signing of successive company agreements.

In accordance with the legal provisions, the gender equality index corresponds to the sum of the result obtained by the company for each of the following 5 indicators:

  • the pay gap between women and men,
  • the rate differential of individual increases,
  • the discount rate of promotions,
  • the percentage of employees who received an increase in the year of return from maternity leave,
  • the number of employees of the underrepresented sex among the ten employees who received the highest salaries.