Societe Generale Annual Factoring Seminar

Societe Generale Factoring, as the leader of the Business Line*, organized with the participation of Societe Generale Factoring Germany, the 14th edition of the Societe Generale Annual Factoring Seminar. The meeting took place on November 8th, 9th and 10th, and brought together around fifty participants from 20 different countries, on the theme "Sharing Expertise".

On the agenda, after an update on the Group's results, its development, and results by country, participants were invited to discuss best practices in terms of marketing, sales and legal, in dedicated workshops on two strategic products:

> The Supply Chain Finance: which aims to offer suppliers of a Large Donor a factoring solution on better terms than they would have contracted directly.
> Deconsolidating transactions: short-term financing that allows derecognition of the assets of a company for all or part of its receivables, thus contributing to the reduction of Working Capital Needs.

Furthermore, the participants were able to follow 3 panels of experts:
> Synergies: intra-group commitments serving customers
> Digital: transformation, innovation and agility
> Risk Management: the risk and process efficiency approach

These rich exchanges between experts followed by questions and answers allowed everyone to interact and share cross-border good practices. If the success of this event obviously relies on the quality of the information shared, will also be measured by the new factoring contracts signed during the year. In 2018, Oslo will host the 15th edition!

* The Business Line includes all the factoring entities of the Société Générale Group. Its mission is to define the factoring strategy and transversal animation of all the entities (18 countries).