The German factor FFG (Finanz und Factor Gesellschaft) set up a French subsidiary, France Factoring Groupe (FFG) SARL.

At that time the international business accounted for 75% of turnover.



FFG was renamed Soge-factoring SARL following the acquisition of 65% of the capital by Société Générale, which thus acquired operational control.



The Société Générale Group became the sole shareholder. Soge-factoring SARL was converted to a ‘Société Anonyme’ (SA) with a Board of Directors.



Soge-factoring SA became ‘Compagnie de Gestion et d’Affacturage SA’ (CGA). Société Générale entrusted the management of CGA to its subsidiary CGI (Crédit Général Industriel). Compagnie de Gestion et d’Affacturage SA was now operating under two commercial names: Soge-factoring, for clients from the Société Générale network, and CG Fac, for those from CGI.



The BDDF (Banque de Détail en France- Retail Banking in France) division of Société Générale regained full control of CGA, which again changed its name, to CGA – Compagnie Générale d’Affacturage.

Soge-factoring and CG Fac disappeared, leaving a single name: CGA.



CGA and Crédit du Nord (Société Générale Group) joined forces to market a range of factoring services.



CGA established itself on Reunion Island.



Launch of Arkéa Factoring. Creation of a range of factoring products distributed through the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa network.



CGA is annexed to the GTB (Global Transaction Banking) division of Société Générale, a connection that provided greater coverage of the Large Accounts and the international business.

CGA now manages the operations of the Group’s Italian factor (SG Factoring Italia).



CGA established itself in Germany.